What is a domiKNITrix?

J ennifer Stafford - DomiKNITrix

What is a domiKNITrix?

Jennifer Stafford - DomiKNITrix!

Jennifer Stafford - DomiKNITrix!

A domiKNITrix lives to whip her knitting in to shape. The yarn sits up and begs to be wrapped around her little needle. Without her, it lies limp in a corner, with no glimmer of the fantastic shape it could only take under her tutelage.

This site is here to evangelize knitting and to boot-strap knitters with beginner and intermediate skills to the next level. You have no idea what you're capable of. Let DomiKNITrix take you by the hand.

Jen strives to design unique and wearable knitwear for the chic and the freak.  Jen's first book, titled: DomiKNITrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, was released by North Light Books December 2006. It contains 20 original patterns, including some you know and love from this site. Check the pattern shop for her original patterns for sale online directly to knitters like you. To contact DomiKNITrix direct regarding design or wholesale opportunities, book signings or trunk shows, please use the email link at bottom of page.

Legal notes

The Domiknitrix name and yarn heart with sticks logo seen on every page of this site are legally registered trademarks of Jennifer Stafford. Their use elsewhere in commerce is a violation of US trademark law and will be swiftly addressed.

Knitting patterns published on this web site and in the book Domiknitrix Whip your Knitting into Shape, whether given free or sold, are copyright to Jennifer Stafford and are intended for casual personal use. If you wish to reproduce these garments for commercial sale, as on Etsy, or at a craft fair, you are obligated to contact Jennifer about licensing the pattern for this use. Items found for sale online which were not licensed in this manner may be a violation of copyright law and will lead to legal action.

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Ethan O'Brien was raised by wolves in Suburbia. He later attended the School of Hard Knocks and graduated with honors. A survivor of 70's Marin and dotcom startup mayhem, he now hunkers down in a big biotech's IT department doing visual design work. Weekends he can be found longboarding down hills in the San Francisco Presidio at dawn on his Comet.