the Elfin Bride
  • the Elfin Bride
    This gorgeous knitting project will test your knitting mettle.
  • Elfin Bride - yoke
    This is where it all starts, casting on between the shoulder blades
  • Elfin Bride - trumpet sleeve
    The flare at the cuff is accomplished with short rows and subtle increasing.
  • Elfin Bride - front
    The neckline may be beaded, a stunning accent for evening or bridal. Gilding the lily!
  • Gothlet - a short sleeve Elfin Bride
    Gothlet - a short sleeve version of the Elfin Bride is more practical for every day wear
  • Gothlet - diamond motif
    the central diamond motif is where it all comes together
  • Jughead Hat
    This easy hat is a great gift for the man in your life. Simple short row shaping is easily guided by markers, making this a mindless project to knit.
  • Bob Dobbs Vest
    Subgenius fans rejoice! Now you can knit or duplicate stitch Bob onto anything. Why not start with this vest? The Dobbs head is used with permission and in homage to the Church of the Subgenius.
  • L'il Red Riding Hoodie
    You'll reach for this versatile hooded cardigan every day. Sexy fit makes it a standout, and so easy to make up.
  • L'il Red Riding Hood
    Hood detail shows the shoulder shaping as well.
  • L'il Red Riding Hoodie pocket
    Pockets are so useful and these are very easy to knit.
  • L'il Red Riding Hoodie zipper
    Zippers make it easy to get into (and out of) your hoodie in a flash.
  • L'il Red Riding Hoodie elbow patch
    This elbow patch is knit right in by twisting the stitches, easy to do and will wear like iron.
  • L'il Red Riding Hoodie ribbing
    Simple k1-pi ribbing helps this hoodie fit like a glove and keeps out those chilly drafts.
  • L'il Green Fleur Hoodie
    This version of the L'il Red Riding hoodie was knit using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino superchunky. The fleur de lys chart is also available in the book and may be knit onto any project.
  • Mohawk Hat
    For that special someone who has always wanted a Mohawk, but reluctant to shave his head. This Mohawk hat is cozy and warm, a fun sculptural challenge to knit.
  • Mohawk Hat - detail
    Note the smooth join along this curve, accomplished by picking up stitches along the crown, one for every two rows.
  • Skull Vest
    If your man won't wear anything you knit, try this project on for size. He will not be able to resist it!
  • Skull Vest on wheels
    The skull vest goes for a downhill romp at the cemetary.
  • Mod Coat
    This elegant coat is knit in garter stitch using needles much smaller than recommended for the yarn. This tight gauge will keep the coat's backside firm - no saggy butt!
  • Slink - long version
    The Slink is cleverly knit sideways with no waist shaping. The purl welts along the waist help it to fit snugly all due to the difference in gauge of the stitch pattern.
  • Slink - short version
    This shorter slink grazes the waistline so you can show off that fit tummy. Cap sleeves will showcase your arms and any tattoos they might be adorned with...
  • the Sweetheart pullover
    This easy fitted pullover has a flattering sweetheart neckline and a feminine intarsia bow to set it off. You may also substitute in any of the other charts in the book if you're not into the bow. Try the skull, stilletto boot or fleur de lys for a change of pace.
  • Eleanor's Sweetheart
    I had this Sweetheart pullover knit up for my wonderful massage therapist and Pilates coach, Eleanor Gomez. The world's fastest knitter, Miriam Tegels, cranked this out in just a couple of days!
  • Valentine Pillow Bite Me
    This witty Valentine pillow is knit up in just a couple of hours. Embroidering a choice message takes a bit longer, but is worth every minute for that priceless reaction. A perfect valentine or shower gift.
  • Valentine Pillow Spank Me
    You know you want to...
  • City Coat
    This versatile winter coat is simply knit in garter stitch, but in a nice tight gauge so the fabric has a firm hand. Only another knitter will notice it's a knit coat.
  • City Coat - zip
    Using a zipper with a pull at each end allows you to open it from the bottom as well, for a peek at what's underneath.

  • Autumn Argyle
    This Cotton Classic Yarn from Tahki - Stacy Charles put me in a mind to knit some diamonds. I was inspired by the Harlequins I saw at Carnevale in Venice a few years ago. I began by simplifying an argyle pattern, skipping the crisscrossing lines and stripping it down to contrasting diamonds.
  • Autumn Argyle - pocket
    I had to get creative with the pocket openings to ensure they did not disrupt the line of the argyles. The fabric behind the pocket is actually solid orange, saving the trouble of knitting two more diamonds. The pocket openings actually create the shape of those two bottom center argyles by masking the orange behind them.
  • Autumn Argyle - pocket and v-neck
    I find pockets to be so incredibly useful I rarely knit a sweater without them.
  • Black and Blue Halter
    This halter top is the prototype for the Diva Halter you'll find in the domiKNITrix book. Worn here by the lovely Stellah De Ville.
  • Black and Blue halter - Alamo Square
    This photo was taken in post card row in San Francisco, also known as Alamo Square, it showcases one of the best vistas in San Francisco.
  • City Coat
    This fluffy and warm blend of merino wool and micro fiber (Aspen by GGH Muench) knits up quickly and has a lively spring to it. I thought I'd emphasize the latter by knitting garter stitch sideways so the coat would bounce when I walked. And boy does it! This coat demands to be worn with a high heeled shoe or better yet, a tall boot, and most importantly, a supermodel strut.
  • City Coat - shoulder and sleeve
    A few well placed short rows at the cuff give a gentle flare
  • Citycoat Fin - zip and welt pocket
    A zipper with pulls at both ends leaves room for your stride, or can be cozily zipped shut on a winter's day. The sleeve? Flared and over-long. A simple purled welt conceals a fabric pocket and maintains the clean line.
  • Devil Hats on Sal and Cathy
    The lovely Cathy Blyther and ever-suave Sal Gurnani model the Devil Hats. Sal's hat is a prototype and that pattern is not available, but Cathy's may be purchased here on the site.
  • Elfin Goth
    The Elfin Goth is the original prototype which evolved into the Elfin Bride and Gothlet. Shown here in the Presidio forest of San Francisco. Yes, that fog is the real deal, not Photoshop!
  • Elfin Goth in the Ivy Patch
    The zipper that so many people love on this jacket was actually very impractical. It caught the yarn in its nasty teeth, and rippled when I sat or moved the wrong way.
  • Elfin Goth with Poppies
    Ahh, redwood forest and poppies! I love San Francisco.
  • Herringbones Fin Back03 Lg
  • Herringbones Fin Sleeve03 Lg
  • Hornyhat Manny05 Lg
  • Snow Devil - Justine
    This warm woolly hat with horns and flaps will get you noticed on the mountain.
  • Hepburn
    This retro inspired cardigan has a contrast collar and faced cuffs and hem, a perfect complement to the beautifully draping Montera yarn from Classic Elite: Llama and wool... yummy!
  • Hepburn - double faced collar
    Here's the Hepburn cardiagn with a double faced shawl collar, classic understated elegance.
  • Herringbones
    The Herringbones cardigan has a beautiful heavy motion from the faced picot bands along its front and hem.
  • Herringbones at Golden Gate
    And yes, it will even keep you warm in gale force winds.
  • Herringbones Sleeve
    The herringbone stitch in the sleeves was modified to use yarnovers instead of raised increases, which opens up the fabric into a gentle and easy lace.
  • Mermaidress Back
    The Mermaidress is a simple cotton dress with lace bodice, seen here from the back.
  • Mermaidress Back Long
    In a knitted dress, waist shaping is key, as well as the right undergarments. A well structured bra and slip make a world of difference under lacy knitwear.
  • Mermaidress Hem
    A simpler lace at the hem makes for a straight edge instead of a rippled scallop.
  • Mermaidress v-neck
    I centered the lace motif so that it would appear to grow into the v-neck.

the Elfin Bride