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July 25 , 2005


the Slink gallery
Slinky dinks
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At long last, here's the sexy and sparkly Slink! In the gallery you'll find the Slink modeled by the lovely Stephanie Weaver with fresh photography courtesy of Lisa Galli. You'll notice I'm modeling a second more elongated Slink. I designed this in two lengths, because not everyone wants a tee-shirt to graze the midriff. For the more modest, I offer Slink II. This summer, fashion is all about daytime sparkle, and this is an easy way to whip up some daytime sparkle for yourself. Both lengths are perfect for a sparkly day at the boardwalk, or a night out on the town.

This original pattern will be available shortly on KPixie. I knit it from Southwest Trading Yarns' Shimmer and Bamboo. The knitting couldn't be much easier, since the varying gauges of the purl ribs, stockinette and k2-p1 ribbing do most of the shaping effortlessly. Although it's knit sideways, there are no short rows in the pattern, and once you've completed the first 22 rows, the knitting is mindless across the rest of the back. The only seaming is a little mattress stitch at the shoulders and one row of kitchener grafting under one arm.

July 12 , 2005


Slinky Dinks
Slinky dinks
the Slink in progress

Somewhere along the line, you all forgot that I was still busy designing an original pattern for KPixie, knit from Southwest Trading Yarns' Shimmer and Bamboo. Shimmer is a sparkly synth carry-along, while Bamboo is a soft and silky yarn itself knit from Bamboo fibers, a renewable resource. I knitted both yarns together to create a fabric that has subtle shine and lovely drape.

So now, after a little book proposal detour, the completed Slink sample is finally hanging here looking fabulous, and I'm proofreading the pattern and translating it into S-M-L sizes. My only regret is that you'll have to wait for photos to see this sexy little tee. My model's rock band is busy all week, so photo shoot is planned for next.

The photo above shows one Slink in progress spread out in navy blue (knit of a different yarn from my stash), with the sparkly red Shimmer and soft Bamboo yarns displayed on top. That's my rounded square pillow in the background.


I am looking for sample knitters with the skills to knit many of the projects on this site for the book, and some secret projects that won't be seen until it's released. Contact me if you'd like to knit a sample, and include your skill level. Don't forget to add your feedback to the pattern poll at right!

June 17 , 2005


Favorites gallery
best of domiKNITrix
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I know you all think I have been slacking over here, but you're wrong. I've been busting my butt like it's never been busted before. You know why? I'm going to write a book!

I'm frantically trying to whittle down the projects for the book into something that I can realistically accomplish. And there's so much I want to include, but I sure don't want to kill myself over it. I'd love to get some feedback from you, my faithful readers!

I've updated the poll to ask which projects from the site you most want to see in my book. If I haven't included it in the poll it's because I've already decided about that one (i.e.: Definitely including the City Coat, above, but not Autumn Argyles). So please check the poll to the right and make your voice heard. If you have anything more specific to say, please e-mail me ASAP!

Oh, and don't worry, I have a stack of very exciting NEW projects that I'm not going to poll about, because I know you will love them and don't want to give away the surprise. You'll have to wait for the book!

May 25 , 2005


Kureyon Purses
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Here are some cute little felt purses I made out of Noro Kureyon yarn. This yarn is so lovely all by itself. I think it is most beautiful knit into small pieces that highlight the yarn's unique qualities by showing only a few of the colors in each ball.

Felting the pieces before sewing the bag together blurs the stitches, but does not totally obscure them. This makes the fabric firmer. I also sew a layer of hymo inside to give the bags some structure. Hymo is most commonly found with tailor's supplies, being mainly used in the shoulders and chest of men's suits. Other stiff canvas may be used as well.

It's very cool that purse handles have become more widely available. These used to be very hard to get.


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April 30, 2005

Here's a dress I designed and knit from German cotton yarn. I enjoyed the relaxing plain knit skirt, and challenging lace at the bodice kept it interesting. I used a picot edge at the neck and arm edges to finish off this sexy and relaxed summer frock.

I've also almost finished with my project for KPixie, though I still need to knit the small and large sizes. I've been working on the Slink pattern for them, a shockingly easy cap sleeved shell with a v-neck, to be made with Shimmer and Bamboo, by Southwest Trading.

April 12, 2005

You want to know why I haven't blogged in awhile? I blame the knitlist. Three weeks ago, I joined a knitting mailing list known as the knitlist. It's currently found on yahoo groups and has a long and storied history. It has also sucked up countless hours of my time that could have been used for knitting, updating this web site, or otherwise moving forward in my plan to re-knit the world.

Reasons not to subscribe to the knitlist:
1. If you read all that mail, you just won't have time for anything else, unless you're retired.
2. All of the messages are searchable on the knitlist web site.
3. Many of the messages are requests for help with specific patterns or yarns that you won't know.
4. Many of the yarns and projects may seem unappealing to those with different tastes.
5. I'd much rather read the answers than the questions, but answers are often posted off-list.

The knitlist messages tend to fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • I'm a new knitter and have taken on a pattern above my skill level, can you guys help me with this technique?
  • I'm an experienced knitter dealing with a badly written pattern, can you guys help me to work around the pattern writer's idiocy?
  • I'm looking for a discontinued pattern or yarn in a certain dye lot, anyone out there got that in their stash?
  • I'm planning to visit _____ and am looking for a local yarn store (LYS).
  • I want to knit something really cool, do you guys know where I can get a pattern for that, oh, and for free, of course?

That said, there are many posts offering excellent knitting advice, some direct you to web pages with more instructions for knitting. The list is about great knitting tips and tricks, and knitters learning from other knitters mistakes.

I found the best messages are all from Joan Schrouder. She uses 'tech answers' in her subject lines to help us search out her wisdom. So that's my knitlist tip: search the knitlist for tech answers and ya just might learn somethin', kid.

If you're looking for a knitting community, the punk knitters on live journal are a bit more aligned with the punk rock DIY ethic that drives this site.


Kureyon flower gallery
Kureyon flower gallery
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March 20, 2005

I enjoyed making these lovely Kureyon flowers during my vacation. First I knitted the yarn into a stockinette piece of fabric and felted it. Then I quilted that onto a piece of satin and zig-zag stitched the edges with my sewing machine. Then I cut and stretched the petals to bring out their natural curl and crafted them into a flower. You can see how I did it in the gallery.

March 16 , 2005

Well, I have certainly been enjoying myself this week, on creative holiday! I took this week out of the office and have been almost exclusively focused on knitting and sewing projects. I'm also working on new knitting patterns for you. Anything done yet? Well no. But I've been having a fine time in Designville! That's the name of the spot in my imagination where these ideas are born: Designville.

That's where I found the inspiration for my Rio design, the one I'm doing for Missa at KPixie. I'm eagerly awaiting my package of RED yarn. I chose these complementary yarns from Southwest Trading: Shimmer and Bamboo, which I plan to knit together into a sexy summer sweater.

This one'll be appropriate for all you belly-baring girls, that is to say, something to change into after you leave the house if you still live with your parents. It's a sexy little number, you'll see, ready for a night at the club. And another one, I'm not going to reveal until it's done. Codename: Deceptively Simple.

And oh, has anyone checked the "Why knit?" poll results lately? You guys crack me up! (82 have responded at 6PM)


February 27, 2005

Phew! We have been very busy around here, just in case you haven't noticed us tinkering with the site. Check out the top tabs, which have all had make-over's this week.

We've moved Tools to the left side on the How-To's page. All the blog and Knitting Links are in the the left navigation and Inspirations has moved over there too.

And check out the great new patterns page. We've put some new free knitting charts of Bruce Lee and Malcolm X there. And we've got Che Guevara, Andy Kaufman and Rosie the Riveter charts coming soon!

Also check out the super cool animation for the paired raised increases tutorial!

I've been busily writing a pattern while knitting a new cap-sleeved sweater with some 55% Merino, 45% Mohair hand painted yarn from Sheep City, USA. It's blue, practically seamless and very soft. This pattern is so easy it's meditative to knit. You're going to love it!

February 12, 2005

My knitted valentine, raised increases at the edge
My knitted valentine, raised increases at the edge

Valentine flip side, raised increases at the center
Valentine flip side, raised increases at the center

Happy Valentine's day! This is my valentine to you. I knitted this as a teaching piece, to show you the raised increase, which is almost the only one I use. The first heart has raised increases at the edges, while the second has its increases placed at the center, which causes the stripes to move diagonally (AKA on the bias). I'm getting the series of photos together into a slide slow to show you the raised increase technique.

I just love how the increases done on every right side row create such a defining line. Because the technique involves drawing up the stitch below and knitting it, there is no sag or bump in the fabric where you use it, unlike some other common increases. The drawn-up yarn creates the line.

I'm off to Stitches West in just a little bit, to go see the knitting action and network the market floor. The Santa Clara location is new this year. I know a few City and East Bay folks who aren't going at all. Then again, folks do come from all over the country, and it's much farther for them.

January 25, 2005

<happy sigh>

So have I told you how nice this is? I finally have the beautiful punk rock web site I had imagined and statistics from my new web host revealing that you (my readers) are all over the world. I was excited to see visitors from far away places like Senegal and Uruguay. Shouts out to UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia! My new ISP gives me an interactive map so I can see where you all are. It looks like a game of Risk, and I'm well on my way to world domiKNITion. BWA-ha-ha! You make me so happy. Kisses!

We've been making changes all over the site in the past week. I modeled badly for another photo shoot with Ethan at the Presidio and Crissy Field this weekend. Look for updated photos of the L'il Red Riding Hoodie and Herringbones on the project pages. The wind was fierce on Crissy Field where we aimed for the Golden Gate Bridge shot with limited success. We got the bridge, but this hair of mine just does does not get along with 30 mph winds and sea spray. I am sorely tempted to post the series of blooper photos from the shoot. If you want to see them, fill my in box and I will post. We also took more pics at the Pet Cemetery in the Presidio, a shrine to military pet love since the 50's.

Ethan also made some big improvements to the gallery page, and a nice muliti-photo widget so I can display a series of shots more elegantly, like here, on the Scarf Knitting page. He also made me relax, something I'm not always capable of doing on my own.

<happy sigh><end>

January 20, 2005

I was so sorry to learn the talk function was not working. Thanks to Deb for the heads-up! We have now fixed this feature, so please drop in at talk and let us know what you think. Huge apologies to any who lost a post!

I've still got a lot to do on the site, but have to pace myself, lest I burn myself out. I didn't realize what a jill-of-all-trades I'd need to be to realize this dream. More to come!

January 17, 2005

Woo-HOO! I've finally launched the new site! What a relief, now I can finally get back to my knitting.

January 11, 2005

Yes, my darlings, I know it's been awhile since I updated, but I have been slaving for you day and night, working on the site re-launch. It seems weird to update the old web site, which shall be transformed this weekend when we release the new design.

With any luck, I'll also have the Snow Devil pattern available for sale at last. I definitely have another new design to show you.

STAY TUNED. You're going to love the new site!