Valentine Candy Pillow

Knitting Pattern

Valentine's Day is a saccharine sweet holiday, isn't it? Why not spice yours up with this sassy pillow? Send a special message to your lover with this naughty little novelty.

Knit up this naughty valentine pillow in just a couple of hours. Only $2 (USD)

Knit up this naughty valentine pillow in just a couple of hours. Only $2 (USD)

This project was inspired by the chalky candies we inexplicably crave come February. No they aren't very tasty; it's their charming messages we adore, so why not trade up your chalky candies for some mouth watering chocolates and knit up these hearts with a naughty message that suits you instead.

This knitted Valentine novelty is about 8 inches long and wide and knits up in only a couple of hours. Embroidering your naughty message is a lot of fun, but may take a bit longer. I think you'll agree that the priceless reaction is worth every stitch.


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raised increase, mirrored decreases, mattress stitch, crewel style embroidery

skill level: apprentice

yarn make: GGH Muench

type: Goa cotton/microfiber

yarn quantity: 2 balls

yarn color: candy pastels

embroidery yarn: Dalegarn Baby Ull or other fingering weight wool. Cotton floss is not recommended.

needle size: 10

gauge: 3.5 stitches/inch

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