How to Mattress Stitch

Mattress stitch is the perfect seam for sewing together two pieces of knitted stockinette fabric at the selvedges. This seam done properly may add needed structure to your knits.

Thread a darning needle with the same yarn used to knit the project. If the yarn is very thick, peel one ply off and use this in your needle for a less bulky seam. Although the sewing yarn will be hidden by the seam, it can show when stretched, so a closely matching yarn is best.

The step-by-step instructions shown in the Mattress Stitch gallery (below) are done at the edge stitch, which leaves a minimal inner seam and saves yarn. It is more commonly shown done one stitch away from the edge, which makes a more substantial inner seam.

Mattress Stitch Step by Step Photo Instructions

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